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Grip Spritz School Bundle

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It's time to get both your Men's and Women's teams ready to go for the season!

Coaches are tired of peeling off sticky sheets and looking for somewhere to put them while they're trying to coach. Maybe a player accidently pulls of 6 instead of just 1. There is an easier way to get actual grip!

The Grip Spritz School Bundle gets both programs a traction mat, 32 oz. of Grip Spritz and a tote bag!

In addition, you get two more 16 oz. bottles of Grip Spritz for free.

This bundle will cover your Men's and Women's teams, freshman, JV, and Varsity for the entire season!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
AC Chargers Basketball
Thank you!!

Absolutely love it. So much better than the Slippnotts

KGB Hoops
Great Product!

Our teams used the mat for the first time this past weekend for their games and they loved it! Grip and mat lasted the whole game! Great product and highly recommended!

Lance Crenshaw
No doubt Grip Spritz is the best 'grip' solution for basketball players!

The New Mexico Zias Elite girls tried out the product today and it is by far the best grip product we have ever used. You can literally hear the girls shoes and how well it worked. We were all amazed how well it worked on a normally slick floor