Sustainability - Removing Plastic from Basketball Sticky Mats

For decades, basketball and volleyball teams have used sticky pads to get better traction on their shoes. Unfortunately, dusty courts are commonplace in youth sports today.
Some sort of traction mat is almost a necessity both for the overall quality of play and more importantly, injury prevention.
You can't near a basketball court without seeing one of these

SlippNott Sticky Pad

For a team to get through a full season, they will use about 5 sticky plastic sheets per game. To cover the season, each team will go through about 6 pounds of plastic sticky sheets.

That means every 10,000 teams that use a sticky pad will use 60,000 pounds of plastic a season. The weight of 30 pickup trucks!

Dusty courts for basketball and volleyball players aren't going anywhere. There will always be a need for something to help players get better traction.

Grip Spritz has almost fully eliminated the amount of plastic waste that comes from these sticky mats with our alternative. Longer lasting grip, less expensive, and more sustainable than sticky pads.

Save some green, while going green this basketball season!