Grip Spritz Latest Interviews

Two media platforms invited us to sit down for interviews on all things Grip Spritz!

First, Trep Talks, an entrepreneurial podcast, took a deep dive into the business side of things!

Trep Talks focuses on providing insight into the mind and day-to-day life of running a business. The goal is to allow other entrepreneurs to learn from obstacles and challenges others have faced and how they’ve overcome them!

Sushant dove deep into the process of building Grip Spritz rather than just what our products do for basketball players.

In terms of Grip Spritz the product, he had some great questions regarding the potential for expansion into other sports and other industries.

One of the coolest things about talking to other entrepreneurs is they’re out of the box thinking almost always sparks something new, we hadn’t ever thought of ourselves.

We wrapped up with some great quick-fire questions about our favorite books, new software, and quotes that kept us moving forward.

If you are in the business of anything and you’re trying to grow, Trep Talks is a great place to find advice and helpful insights!

Next, Artoh interviewed us about how we’ve grown Grip Spritz through the years. Their blog took a bit of a twist.

We had our interview over a video call but as we spoke, AI would track what was said and record it for the blog itself! Taking out all of the editing and typing that normally would come along with any interview.

They covered how we got our start in basketball shoes, and what the early days were like. Cleaning shoes and going all over Ohio trying to spread the word. Today where we're in front of colleges and high school coaches with our traction mat. Traveling all over the country for events, and starting to make some noise in the basketball world!

We talked about some NBA basketball, our favorite players of all time, and much more!

We always love joining shows and blogs to tell our stories. So many businesses that wouldn’t always be interesting, like adding better grip to basketball shoes, seem to have a lot of different twists and hurdles that tell a crazy story!

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