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Phenom Basketball x Grip Spritz
Phenom America is the premier group at promoting youth basketball talent across the country. With a long history of providing youth athletes an experience unlike any other, top players choose Phenom to help get them to the next level.
During the upcoming season, Grip Spritz will be courtside providing on court traction at all their national events held in San Diego, Dallas, and Charlotte.
Phenom's regional events held all over the country will also have an opportunity to get our courtside traction mats, basketball shoe grip spray bottles and more during their weekend with Phenom.
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Phenom's previous camp attendees speak for themselves. With over 170 NBA alumni, it's safe to say some of your favorite players we're working with Phenom.
Players attend Phenom for the experience. Grip Spritz joins their team of sponsors that include Nike, Gatorade, and Disney. When you go to Phenom's camps, you get more than basketball, you get a first class experience.
We are incredibly excited to work with the future of the sport at all of Phenom's various events!
Phenom Basketball Camp NBA Alumni
We at Grip Spritz, as well as those with Phenom believe this could be an incredible opportunity for both of us! 
Phenom is incredibly excited to work with a company in an incredibly early stage and help garner the attention to Grip Spritz they believe it deserves given our ability to save individuals money, provide longer lasting traction, and elongate the life of the player's basketball shoes while enhancing the grip.
At Grip Spritz, we are incredibly proud of the effort we have put into this business to have earned the opportunity to be in the same conversation as groups such as Phenom. We think is the start of Grip Spritz going to another level!
Phenom Basketball National Camp "Where Players Become Known"

Grip Spritz is the newest basketball traction mat and basketball shoe grip spray! For decades, schools and players have used sticky pads to get better traction on the basketball court.

When you talk to coaches about these sticky pads, you're met with an eyeroll. Players always want better grip on their basketball shoes but AAU teams are tired of paying all that money for something players don't even want to use.

That's why we knew we had the opportunity to created the best basketball shoe grip pad that would change all of that. We wanted to figure out what the pain points for basketball coaches and athletic directors were and completely fix them. Here's what we found:

  • Sticky/traction pads are expensive. The board and enough sticky sheets for the season can approach $400.
  • Coaches have more important things to do during games instead of worrying about peeling off sticky sheets and finding somewhere to put them.
  • The average basketball team will use 3-6 sticky sheets per game. Coaches are responsible for that because when they let kids, every kid wants a new sheet or they accidently peel off 4 sheets at once by grabbing the wrong tab.
  • When you run out of sheets, replacement sticky sheets are incredibly pricey.
  • The traction on the basketball shoes doesn't last that long. After a few possessions, your shoes lose their traction. Adhesives are going to build up a residue on the shoes, making them sticky so that dust and dirt on the court only has one place to go.

We knew our individual player basketball shoe grip spray was perfect for players. It wasn't overly expensive for schools, coaches didn't have to worry about it during the game and it lasted long enough that players didn't have to worry about their shoes. However, if you're a coach during a timeout, you don't want to be going over a set and see your players spraying their shoes, so we had to make it quicker and easier!

That's when we created our Grip Spritz Traction grip pad. We designed it specifically for high schools, colleges, and AAU programs to solve how to get better grip on their basketball shoes, without creating a whole new headache for coaches. Here's what we did:

  • Make it affordable for every basketball program. Our traction pad, 64 games or practices worth of Grip Spritz, and an easy to carry tote bag for all your coaching equipment for less than half the cost of a courtside sticky pad.
  • No plastic sheets. Coaches can coach, not deal with sticky sheets and finding somewhere to throw them away. Just pour some Grip Spritz on the mat pregame and forget about it.
  • By eliminating adhesives, the basketball shoes can grip how they we're designed to, even on dusty courts, because it won't pick up more dirt. It's like every player has a fresh sheet every time.
  • Give teams enough solution for the whole season at least, so you're not trying to order replacements during the season.

High School and AAU programs love making the switch from sticky pads to Grip Spritz. It is the easiest way to make sure every pair of shoes can be the basketball shoes with the most grip! Every school has that one program in their conference or gym in the area that has a worse than normal court. Our goal is to not only help player's shoes slip less on that court but also increase safety!

Grip Spritz is much different than other products out there, working much longer and being more effective, but they also save schools a lot of money! This was our best event to date! We were super well received by all the coaches who were totally blown away after trying our traction mat out on the court.

We also knew we could be different by allowing players to enhance the grip on their basketball shoe even when they weren't with their teams. Players aren't going to be carrying an entire sticky pad in their backpacks but they could carry a basketball shoe traction spray! Traction in a bottle, simply spray your basketball shoes, wipe them dry, and go hoop! It can go with you to camps, like Phenom, games, practices, pick up, working with a trainer, wherever you play, Grip Spritz goes with!