Grip Spritz does Volleyball too!

Every time we post a video on any social media platform, we're asked by volleyball players if Grip Spritz would help their shoes too.

We decided that 2023 would be the year we finally take that step and learn more about volleyball! We got right to it in January and were very happy with what we learned! Grip Spritz stopped at the JVA Rock & Rumble in Cleveland, Ohio as well as at the SoCal Volleyball Facility in San Diego, California to see how it would go.

Both gym's had the same response, "where has this been?!". Volleyball players have been stuck using wet towels between sets for too long! We also learned that many volleyball players wear basketball shoes. Basketball players have been wondering forever how to get better grip on their basketball shoes. Grip Spritz was that answer.

Our basketball shoe grip spray, or should we say volleyball is the easiest and quickest fix to slippery shoes. Basketball teams started with sticky mats but quickly realized that the adhesives in those product made their shoes just pick up more dust and dirt after a few possessions. Volleyball didn't waste their time with those courtside traction sticky mats and just used wet towels but they found themselves having to do it constantly, over and over.

They we're blown away to learn that their is a grip spray that restores basketball shoe grip. Since they are already wearing basketball shoes and sharing the same court the basketball team plays on, the girls knew they had a fix.

We're super excited to meet more volleyball coaches, players, and parents throughout a sport we're beginning to learn so much more about. This year as we are going to go to more and more events and hope to see you and help your shoes!

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