Does Grip Spritz work?

Does Grip Spritz work?

This is the most popular question we get and it's not even close! No matter if it's commenting on social media posts, messages from our contact page, or Google search trends, this is the question on every basketball player's mind.

Does Grip Spritz work could mean a lot of things, though?

Does it work for a second? Does it work all game? Does it work better than water? Does it work better than a sticky pad? Does it work but ruin the shoes and then I always need more? Does it work on dusty courts? Does it work on older, worn shoes? Does it work on all courts?

See what we mean? But, the answer is yes. To all of them. Except for ruining your shoes. It won't do that.

Setting Expectations For Your Basketball Shoes:

Let's look at how players add grip to their basketball shoes comparatively, that's probably a good place to start.


This one is probably the most popular. It's readily available and it's free. Every basketball player ever has done this to stop their shoes from being slippery. 

It's gross.

But, for that possession, you'll have traction! 

If the court is dusty, however, it won't do much. Especially if you're using water. You'll need a lot of opportunities to reapply. Pretty much every trip up and down the basketball court, which just isn't possible.

Spit/Water: A possession if the court isn't dusty.

Sticky Pad

Odds are your basketball team probably has one of these (we won't hold it against you). These are going to remove whatever dust and dirt are on the soles of your shoes. Once you go back into the game, your basketball shoes will pick that dust up. You need to step on that sticky mat the next time, and every time, you sub back into the game. 

Sticky Pad: A few minutes (5-10)

Hand Sanitizer/Hair Spray

Whenever players ask about Grip Spritz ruining their basketball shoes, they usually have experimented with hand sanitizer or hair spray to try to get grip.

Both of these normally contain some form of alcohol. That alcohol will dry out, deteriorate, and eventually ruin the rubber soles of your basketball shoes. 

(Don't take our word for it. Listen to ADIDAS)

They become more and more dry and cracked and in turn more and more slippery, so players add more and more hand sanitizer or hair spray until the shoe is worthless.

It's a long-term detriment for a short-term fix. Here's more info!

Hand Sanitizer/Hair Spray: 15 Minutes/Quarter of a game. Progressively less and less until the shoes are ruined.

Less Than Perfect Courts/Shoes

Now, let's face it. If the shoes are older, if the court is super dusty, any relief is a lifesaver. Unfortunately, far too many basketball courts aren't properly maintained. Dusty, slippery courts are common. 

With how expensive basketball shoes are, having an older pair that is a bit worn and slippery is fairly common. (I know it was for me when I was growing up).

Dusty Courts + Older Basketball Shoes = Ice Skates

What is an appropriate amount of time for something to 'work'? 

Most players have done most of, if not, all of these to help make their basketball shoes grippier.

If you're playing on a dusty court or have older shoes, any relief would probably be a winner in your eyes. 

If you have newer shoes, playing on a quality, hardwood basketball court, a full half would be sufficient. Only having to reapply once would be a massive improvement, right?

A full half of a basketball game with perfect grip on a dusty court would blow you away, right? 

Does Grip Spritz work? 

Now that we've framed it, half a game of grippier basketball shoes on a dusty court would be a massive improvement compared to everything else out there!

Grip Spritz will stop your basketball shoes from slipping for about a full game.

Yes, a full game!

If the court is an ice rink, you may have to reapply once throughout the game.

If you play on a good court, you have newer shoes, one application could last multiple games! Like an entire tournament of games!

So, we may be biased, but yes, Grip Spritz works. Really well. Especially compared to other options players have.

However, this created a problem for us. When you get used to your basketball shoes never being slippery, but you use Grip Spritz, you forget how much everything else sucked...

We've received two 1 star reviews because it *only* lasted 20 minutes...

If any fix above worked for 20 minutes on a dusty court, it would be their best review!

But, that's the monster we created and we're happy we did! It's raising the standard for players who know they shouldn't be stuck playing with slippery basketball shoes!

Actually, here's a sticky pad quote...

At 2-5 sheets per game, 20 minutes would be a long time for them!

But Grip Spritz is just built differently!

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