Will Grip Spritz damage my shoes?

Will Grip Spritz damage my basketball shoes?

Grip Spritz contains no harmful chemicals for you or your basketball shoes!

Other fixes to slippery basketball shoes usually use adhesives or alcohol. Some even use a sandpaper-like material to "expose new rubber" (yikes).

Adhesives won't damage your shoes. Adhesives will make your shoes sticky, however. Think about those sticky mats you see so many teams use. You step on something sticky to remove the dust on the soles of the shoes, then go on a dusty court. You have to reapply every time you go back in the game because it just doesn't last long enough.

Alcohol will 100% damage, even ruin, your basketball shoes. Exposing rubber, like the soles of most shoes, to alcohol is horrible for the shoes. Alcohol will start to dry out and deteriorate the rubber soles. Over time, the material can begin to crack and harden which will make the shoes more and more slippery, even when the court isn't super dusty.

Lastly, sandpaper. There is a team traction mat out there that comes with a built-in "scuff pad". The idea is to remove layers of the sole of the shoe to expose new rubber that is "fresher". Do not do this. First, the patterns/tread of the soles of the shoes are designed specifically to give you grip. Shaving those away and leaving a flat surface, like a bald tire on your car, will make them incredibly slippery. Secondly, your basketball shoes cost way too much money to scuff away the sole.

Grip Spritz aims to give you the benefit of great grip on any basketball court without having to worry if it's safe for your shoes.

We spent two years developing our formula to do just that. Perfectly safe for you, for the court you're playing on, and for your shoes!

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