Why You Should Use Basketball Shoe Grip Spray - 2023

Why Basketball Shoes Need Grip:

It's no secret that basketball players are constantly cutting, changing direction and changing speed both on the offensive and defensive ends of the court. If you're a shifty guard trying to make a move of someone trying to stay in front of the ball and not get your ankles broken, having traction on your basketball shoes is a must!

How Players Get Better Grip & Why It Doesn't Work

Anytime you've gone to a game, you've seen the basketball shoe sticky pads.

SlippNott Basketball Sticky Pad

The idea is great but unfortunately, players and coaches aren't the biggest fans. The goal is to remove dust or dirt from the soles of the basketball shoes with the help of an adhesive. However, this doesn't help when there is dust on the court. The adhesives just builds up a residue that collects that dust and you need reapply over and over. Coaches are stuck tearing off sheet after sheet and looking for somewhere to throw them while coaching.

If you don't want to deal with upkeep of this basketball sticky mat, they have another idea.

StepNGrip Basketball Shoe Grip Gel and Scuff Pad
StepNGrip offers a basketball traction board with and without sticky sheets but it also included a shoe scuff. Basketball shoes are very expensive, the last thing you want to do is use sand paper to rub off the soles and expose new rubber.
Outside of the headaches for coaches, lack of shoe grip they provide and scuff pad to eat away at the expensive basketball shoes, they have one last issue, what about players?
Basketball players don't just play with their teams anymore. They play for their high school team, an AAU basketball team, go to basketball camps, work with trainers and play normal pick up games with their friends. All of these lead them to different gyms and courts that, unfortunately, aren't cleaned as often as they should be. Players aren't going to pay all that money and carry one of these around with them.

How Can Basketball Players Get Better Shoe Grip?

Everyone has seen Lebron James do his signature chalk toss before an NBA game. He wants better grip on his hands and on the basketball, so what if someone made a liquid chalk or grip lotion solution like that for your basketball shoes? A non slip shoe spray that fits in your backpack for whatever gym you're playing in! Grip Spritz is traction in a bottle, a shoe sole grip spray that solves this issue for basketball players.

No adhesives, so you're not going to pick up more dust with any sticky residue. No scuffing pads so you're not going to ruin the shoes. No harmful chemicals that will harm the rubber shoe soles whatsoever! 

Grip Spritz Basketball Shoe Sole Grip Spray
Basketball shoe grip spray allows your shoes to grip the court without any of the downsides that come with the expensive sticky pads. Simply spray the soles of your shoes, wipe them dry, and you instantly have game long grip. The bottles fit in your bag so it's ready to go at the next court you stop at!

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