Why do basketball players wipe their shoes?

If you've ever gone to a basketball game, you've seen players wipe their shoe with their hand. Maybe they even licked their hand, then wiped the sole of the shoe!

Basketball shoe grip is so important because of how frequently players are changing speed and direction. Google is covered with players asking, "how to get better grip on basketball shoes" or "how to add grip to basketball shoes" and it's largely been an unsolved problem.

A few different ideas had been thrown around, the most popular being a basketball shoe grip pad or traction mat. Players quickly realized that making the shoes sticky through adhesives just made a quick fix that would go away in a few possessions.

The newest take is basketball shoe grip spray or sticky spray. This is an important differentiation, because one takes you right back to a few possession before having to reapply. What basketball players should be looking for is "how to restore basketball shoe grip".

Restoring basketball shoe grip and enhancing it is exactly what we do with Grip Spritz. We don't add adhesives or sticky spray, we don't use harmful chemicals that breakdown the soles of the basketball shoes. We just restore the grip to how it should be on any basketball court, regardless of debris on the court.

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