UIAAA - Utah Athletic Directors Conference - 2023

It’s a jam packed weekend for Grip Spritz! We don’t need sleep if it means getting you and your team better grip on your shoes!

The weekend started on Thursday in Utah! Over 300 athletic directors came to St. George to enjoy some warm weather and continue their education as an athletic administrator. 

As always, Grip Spritz was the new kids on the block. Athletic directors were super curious about our basketball traction mat because they hadn’t seen anything but the sticky pad before.

Being so far from home, we didn’t quite have our full set up but we were able to make up for it! 

Athletic Directors came with the same questions as always! 

  1. How is this different than SlippNott?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How long does it last?
  4. How often do the players need to reapply?
  5. How quick can I get one?

We love athletic director events because we can get connected to their boys and girls programs at once! And we give them an unbelievable deal compared to the other sticky mats on the market!

How are we different than SlippNott?

Your shoes want to be grippy, not sticky! Sticky pads make your basketball shoes just that, sticky! Adhesive residue builds up on the soles and you collect all that dust and dirt on the court. That’s why coaches have to peel off another sheet every timeout and every play wants a fresh sheet. 

Grip Spritz rehydrates the rubber soles of your basketball shoes so it lasts a full game! No need to reapply over and over and coaches can focus on coaching!

How much does it cost?

Our courtside basketball traction mat is $134.95. That gets you a mat, a tote bag, and enough Grip Spritz for 64 games/practices. By comparison, a sticky pad can be well over $300. Our goal, especially when working with AD’s, is to make sure schools can get a Grip Spritz kit for both their boys and girls programs for less than one SlippNott sticky pad.

How long does it last?

The pad will last multiple seasons! We’ve have demo pads with over 5000 usages! It’ll take a team a long time to hit that many scrubs on our traction mat. We’ve had schools using the same pad since 2020!

How often do players need to reapply?

One treatment will last a full game! So after tip off, you can put it away. Coaches can focus on coaching and players don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding on the basketball court.

How quick can I get one?

Well, we accept purchase orders from schools and ship the next day! But Utah, that’s a different story! Since we’re available at Basin Sports, you can get one the same exact day. That’s the only state that can say that!

Utah was a great time and we’re so excited to be back next year! But now, we’re boarding a red eye flight to Louisville for a national volleyball tournament! Big weekend that we’re sure will be an awesome time!

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