TABC - Texas Basketball Coaches Clinic - 2023

Our final leg of travel for the spring took us down to San Antonio, Texas!

High school basketball coaches from all over the state met up to network and talk the Xs and O’s with a big-time lineup of college coaches!

Everyone always says, everything is bigger in Texas, and they’re right! Over 2,300 coaches stopped in over the two-day event!

As always, this was a great opportunity for us to promote all the benefits of Grip Spritz!

Like everywhere we go, most coaches were familiar with the court-side basketball sticky pads and thankfully, most were left with a bad taste in their mouths.

They wanted an easier, less expensive product that works! 

We heard all the normal complaints:

We hate tearing off the sticky sheets during the game. Every player wants a new, fresh sheet for their basketball shoes and there’s nowhere to throw them while we’re coaching. We would let the kids do it but inevitably, one player would tear off 6 at once.

Thankfully, Grip Spritz lasts all game. You can let the team use it pregame and then put it away. Coaches can focus on coaching instead of on why players' shoes are still slippery.

Their next issue was, they don’t work on dusty courts at all! There’s no point in even bringing it.

Since Grip Spritz lasts all game, even if the court is terrible and you need to use it twice, it’s a massive difference for players on both ends of the court! You can tell which team is using it and which isn’t!

Usually, the last question would be about cost. The schools are tired of paying for it but we go a very odd one after as well!

The cost isn’t even close. Coaches don’t worry about budgets as heavily as athletic directors do but it does allow them to get other items if they can cut costs elsewhere. We always say you can get two of our basketball traction pads for less than the cost of one sticky mat!

A new one, especially for West Texas, was the issues with heat and dust. 

A couple of coaches left their plastic sticky pads in the trunk of their car. It got so hot over the summer that the plastic would warp and no longer lay flat! Not good when you’re trying to step on it.

Speaking of the heat, many schools either don’t have AC or run it every summer because the school doesn’t have as much going on. To help get some air in the gym, coaches would open up the gym doors and all the dust would blow in covering both the basketball court and of course, sticking the sticky pad. Now, it’s even more worthless! 

Coaches are always coming to us with new objections and we love them! Because sometimes you get even better ways to market Grip Spritz. 

As we move into the summer, we shift events. Less athletic director and basketball coaches clinics. More AAU events and nationwide camps!

This is how we got our start and it helps so many players with our 'traction in a bottle'! AAU and camps are huge markets for our traction mat but players love having something they can take with them everywhere they play!

Super excited to get back in the actual gym and see youth basketball played at the highest level. So much talent is packed into these gyms and it turns marketing Grip Spritz into an even more enjoyable trip!

Hopefully, we run into you and your team out on the road!

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