South Carolina Coaches Clinic - 2023

As high school basketball season slowly starts to creep up, our travel schedule ramps up!

The first stop on the coaches clinic schedule took us down to South Carolina.

South Carolina brings all the coaches from all the sports together so it’s a huge event!

No surprise at all, it was a heavy dosage of football coaches but we did have a really good turn out of basketball coaches.

We were down there for two days and met a lot of coaches for the first time! Which is great.

Coaches were blown away. We made the same old points we always do!

What makes a Grip Spritz Traction Mat different or better than a SlippNott Sticky Pad?

Different is in the name! Basketball shoes want to be grippy, not sticky.

Sticky Pads use adhesives to remove the dust and dirt from the soles of the shoes. It doesn’t stop you from picking up more debris, if anything, it’ll encourage more dust to collect because portions of the adhesive residue. That’s why you have to use another sheet every time you go back in the game.

Grip Spritz stops your shoes from picking up the dust so it lasts a full game. Instead of masking the problem with adhesives, it softens and cleans the rubber soles so your shoes maintain their grip even on a dusty court.

How is Grip Spritz better than SlippNott?

First, like said, it lasts longer. A full game versus just a few possessions. Coaches don’t have to tear of sheets, players don’t have reapply anytime they check in.

Second, it’s far less expensive for schools. A lot of schools have tight budgets. Every dollar saved is massive for them. Athletic departments are able to get Grip Spritz traction mats for both their boys and girls teams for less than the cost of one sticky pad.

Next, it’s easier to use. No tearing off sheets, trying to find somewhere to throw them while coaching. Buying more throughout the season. Trying to keep the top sheet clean. Making sure players don’t tear off multiple sheets at once. Grip Spritz, you just pour a half oz, scrub, dry and you’re good to go all game.

Lastly, it’s better for the environment. Think of all the plastic waste a sticky pad produces for a team. At about 4-6 sheets per game, it’s a ton of waste. 

Overall, it was a great trip. We were able to introduce Grip Spritz to so many new coaches and schools. It was more of the same great response and we can’t wait to get back on the road for more events!

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