Run4Roses & Phenom National Camp have Grip Spritz!

We are hitting the road for two of our biggest and most fun events of the year!

Most of our events these days are more focused on working with high schools and colleges and talking with coaches and athletic directors. These are quick one or two-day events where coaches are mainly in and out of classes, speakers, and continued education.

But in July, we get to go back to our roots! How we started, working with youth athletes, watching unbelievably talented players, and helping them be able to play their hardest!


Run4Roses is actually one of the first events we ever did. In 2019, we traveled down to Louisville for an AAU tournament we knew nothing about. 

It turned out to be the largest girl's basketball tournament in the world! Over 1,700 teams from dozens of countries showed up to compete.

Ohio Basketball Run 4 Roses Tournament
This week we will go back again! For 10 days we will set up two booths in the Kentucky Exposition Center to ensure every athlete has perfect grip on their basketball shoes. 
We will have our normal booth in the hallway like we do every year but, we have an even better setup for players. 
Inside the gym, we will have a 'Traction Station'! Think like a car wash that players can walk through right before they play to ensure their basketball shoes have grip on the court!
Each of these booths will have Grip Spritz Traction Mats set up for the players to use for free all tournament long!

Phenom National Basketball Camp

Following Run4Roses, Grip Spritz will travel out to Southern California for the 25th Anniversary of the Phenom National Camp.

Over 1,500 athletes from all over the world compete head-to-head in front of college coaches, scouting services, and hundreds of thousands of followers across social media. 

Phenom National Basketball Camp
We will be set up at the entrance to the facility for both the Boys' and Girls' camp to enhance the grip of every player's basketball shoes.
Players from all over the country and the world can stock up on our Grip Spritz Basketball Shoe Grip Spray for their upcoming season!
We look forward to seeing players we've grown to know throughout the years and meeting new players!

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