Run4Roses - 2023

When Grip Spritz first started in basketball, one of the first events we attended was Run4Roses in Louisville, Kentucky.

This was back in 2018 and it blew us away how many teams were all in one location. Over 90 courts, 1500 teams, and scouts from every college you can think of!

It’s just as overwhelming now, 5 years later! We spent a full week down in Kentucky making sure every girl on every team had better grip on those plastic, drop down, sport courts every AAU event uses now!

The weekend consisted of three separate events under the Run4Roses name.

Run4Roses Logo

The week began with the Roses Rising, younger teams just getting their first taste of playing in these big time, live period events that bring teams together from all across the country.

It followed with the Run4Roses Classic. Your normal AAU basketball event except there was 1500 girls teams! Various divisions from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Teams were from all over. Over 40 of the 50 states, Spain, Canada, Germany and Australia! 

It was a great opportunity for us to meet new players and connect with many players who already knew exactly how well Grip Spritz works on their basketball shoes!

The Run4Roses Classic wrapped up on Sunday with two games being aired on ESPN2. How quickly the women’s side of basketball is growing is awesome to see!

Basketball Players with Grip Spritz

As the Run4Roses Classic began to wind down and champions were crowned, we were honored how many came back to thank us and let us know much Grip Spritz helped them in their games!

If you play any level of basketball, you know how slippery most courts are. The plastic, click together courts are always so much worse. They’re constantly dusty, dirty and cleaned even less than a normal court. To hear how well Grip Spritz worked even on these courts, was music to our ears!

Grip Spritz wins you championships!

As championships were played and teams began to leave, plenty stayed for the next event! The Under Armour circuit joined in. UA Next, Select 40, and Elite 40 teams all took the court for the final 3 days of the event!

With the addition of more talent, plenty of college coaches were in the building! It was great to run into some old friends we’ve met throughout our travels and meet new coaches and let them know what Grip Spritz does compared to the sticky pads!

Matt Olen of Grip Spritz and Samantha Williams - Coach of University of Tennessee Women's Basketball

And meeting up with some people we’ve known forever but haven’t actually met! Like our guys at the Sports Life Talk Podcast!

Matt Olen and Sports Life Talk Podcast Hosts

Overall, it was a great weekend! We built so many relationships that’ll last forever. We’re already excited to be back next year and see how much better everyone we talked with this weekend has gotten!

Now, how do you stand out in a gym full of over 30,000 people? You have to get creative!

Grip Spritz Dinosour

You send a 7 foot dinosaur into the gym! But, that’s a story for another time!

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