Phenom National Camp - 2022

Part of our partnership with Phenom America Basketball Camps included traveling to their annual boys and girls event in San Diego, California. Over 600 players from across the country and even international countries traveled to see how they stacked up to the top talent in their grade.

For Phenom, partnering with Grip Spritz gave the athletes at their event the opportunity to take traction back home with them. Never before has this been an option. Players are used to showing up to a brand new gym with no idea of what shape the court will be in and hoping a sticky pad is available for their basketball shoes, even if it only gave a few minutes of grip.

This was a great opportunity for us at Grip Spritz to tie our name to Phenom. Phenom Basketball is one of the largest, most well known groups in the country when it comes to youth basketball. We were able to help players make sure they could focus on their game and not worry about their shoes with out basketball shoe grip spray.

The camp ran these players through a variety of drills, competitions, and finally games to see which players shined the brightest. Grip Spritz was one of two groups in attendance, the other being a scouting service. Players were ranked amongst other athletes in their grade and posted about on both websites. When you're competing at this level, a sticky pad isn't going to cut it. Players need game long grip on their basketball shoes to make sure they're playing at the highest possible level.

The camp brought Norman Powell in to talk to these young basketball players as well to show them the opportunities that can become available when you  hard work, dedication yourself to a craft, and a have desire to be the best.

Other sponsors for the event included Nike, Gatorade, Disney, Baden and many more!

We cannot wait for the 20th anniversary next summer in Orange County! It'll be an unbelievable experience to get in front of more kids and families with our basketball shoe grip spray and our courtside basketball traction mat!

Players no longer have to ask, how do I get better grip on my basketball shoes!


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