Massive missed opportunity for Sporting Goods Stores

Massive missed opportunity for sporting good stores and dealers

Sporting goods stores and dealers are missing a huge opportunity when they have youth basketball and volleyball players shopping in their stores or website’s.

Basketball and volleyball are two of the largest youth sports in the world.

In the US alone, 14.4 million athletes play basketball and 4.8 million athletes play volleyball and they’re both only growing. Especially with the addition of boys volleyball in 36 states and over 80,000 athletes joining the game in each of the first few years it’s been recognized.

No matter if it’s the middle and high school level, travel and AAU, or just rec leagues and pick up, there is one constant, dusty courts.

Think about it.

Schools have kids on the court for gym classes, assemblies, etc and everyone is wearing shoes they wear all over. This brings dust and dirt in and makes the court slippery when basketball and volleyball games are played.

The same can be said for rec centers, community gyms, and firehouses that AAU events are played at. No one is going to clean all these courts, it’s not cost effective.

So what can players do? Odds are, your sporting goods store sells some version of a sticky pad.

Sure, for a high school team or an AAU team, these can be an effective fix. But what do players do if their team doesn’t have one?

They’re not going to buy one themselves!

Players have turned to basketball and volleyball grip sprays. It’s traction in a bottle. Personalized for individual players so they can use it wherever they play.

On Amazon alone, over 25,000 searches have included the keywords:

- Grip Spray
- Grip Spray for basketball shoes
- Traction spray for shoes
- non slip spray for basketball

More and more athletes know about grip sprays and want it.

So why do sporting good stores only cater to teams when every athlete could benefit from having a traction spray readily available to add on to their list of items for the upcoming season?

Which traction spray do players want?

Easy, one traction spray leads the basketball and volleyball market:

- Amazon’s Choice in Basketball Accessories
- #1 Selling Traction Aid on TikTok Shop
- 4.4 Star Average Review
- > 100,000 Social Media Followers
- Used in 43 Countries and growing
- Used by athletes from 3rd Grade to NCAA D1 Teams

It’s Grip Spritz.

Players not only want Grip Spray, they need it now. We get countless comments from players asking where they can get it today.

When you’re playing at an AAU tournament and have 3 hours until your next game, Amazon Prime isn’t even getting it there fast enough.

But, the sporting goods store down the street can!

2024 is all about building relationships with more dealers and stores. Grip Spritz currently works with a handful of dealers and will continue to grow. This June we will be at one of the nations largest dealer shows!

Hopefully we see you there!

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