JVA Volleyball - World Challenge 2023

Our jam packed weekend has finally come to and end. Following our trip to Utah for their athletic directors conference, Grip Spritz headed to Louisville, Kentucky for a massive volleyball event!

JVA hosted their World Challenge at the Kentucky Exposition Center, over 800 team, totaling over 8,000 players from all over the country competed for a chance to be the best! On top of that, there were over 50 college scouts from all levels in attendance.

This was our first real big step into volleyball. Basketball came very naturally to us because we were familiar with it, we had connections in the space that helped us get our feet off the ground.

This was brand new to all of us, we were learning as we went this weekend and we’re really happy with how it turned out.

Basketball and volleyball are really similar in a lot of ways. When it comes to these big, thousand team events, they all use those drop down, plastic tile, sport courts. Venues love them because they’re easy to set up, inexpensive to rent, and work for the few days they need them to.

The down side is that they’re never cleaned, they come apart very easily and being plastic, they hold a static charge that draws dust and dirt to them.

When we first got going in basketball, these sport courts really helped us because they’re always so slippery and Grip Spritz could help that!

We let all the girls try our courtside traction mat out before their games and made our individual player, traction in a bottle available to take home with them.

Since pretty much every tournament, basketball or volleyball is played on these type of courts, players loved the idea of having an answer that fits in their bags and works instantly for the whole game.

Our shoe grip spray gave them just that! Volleyball season still has a few months left of constant weekend action so the girls were very happy to finally get a fix.

We have a few more volleyball events planned for the spring and early summer to extend our reach in the sport. Just like basketball, a grassroots approach through letting the girls try it first hand and helping them discover us through social media has us really excited for the future in a whole new sport!

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