Head Start Basketball x Grip Spritz

Today the Grip Spritz team was fortunate enough to get in the gym with Mike Klinzing and the Head Start Basketball group!

Mike is a seasoned vet when it comes to the game of basketball. Between playing himself, coaching, running camps, and cohosting a podcast, HoopHeads, he is a wealth of knowledge and skill!

Getting in the gym with his group of campers today was a blast. Seeing elementary school and middle school age kids enjoy the game and actively working to improve upon their skills is so great to be a part of. 

We set up and let each camper try out Grip Spritz and see how much it helped them on the court. It's a mix between kids finding their way in the game and kids preparing to transition into the middle school level and begin taking the game more seriously. In that environment, you'll see kids breaking out a fresh pair of Kyrie's or kids coming in right from the car and hooping what they wore out of the house.

Our goal is to make sure both those groups are able to cut and play defense without worrying about slipping or sliding. You never know what type of court you'll be playing on or what activities took place on it.

The main priority is keeping kids safe and at the top of their game! In addition to not slipping, it also gives parents that confidence that the kids won't be licking their hand or spitting on the floor to get that grip. As we approach life transitioning out of COVID, cleanliness is a top priority for everyone and we hope Grip Spritz will finally put those days in the past.

At the end of the day it was great running into players we had met in the past at various AAU tournaments, meeting new campers, and just being back in the gym after what feels like so long!

Thank you to Head Start Basketball for all the support and we're almost positive everyone will see a lot more stuff coming in the near future between our two groups! 

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