Grip Spritz Sponsors College Athletes

With the passage of the NIL and allowance for college athletes to use their name and likeliness to make money, Grip Spritz wanted to get involved in that action.

Athletes bring in so much revenue to school of all levels and it’s nice to see them compensated for that. While a handful of athletes will really capitalize on these new rules and build a brand both on and off the field, there is a large portion of student athletes who that isn’t possible for.

As we continue to grow and try to get our foot in the door at various levels of the game of basketball, this was a perfect opportunity. We began looking for student athletes in our target markets to partner with.

We would get our name and product into collegiate locker rooms and in turn those players would be able to showcase the job Grip Spritz does at improving your traction and grip on the court.

Not only do they get free product and merch, they also have the opportunity to join in a profit sharing venture with us through getting their followers (old teammates, old AAU teammates, kids they train, etc) to try us out!

We’re in talks with a handful of young athletes to find the right team for this upcoming school year. Two individuals have already joined Team Grip Spritz, Derek Smith and Dwayne Cohill.

Derek is entering his sophomore season as a transfer at Misericordia University in Pennsylvania and Dwayne will be playing at Youngstown State after transferring in from Dayton.

Both are very cool stories and very different! Derek was the first player to reach out to us and will always have that special title.

Dwayne is from northeast Ohio, just like Grip Spritz. I was a couple years older than him and made sure whenever I went back to see my old high school play, it was when they played Holt Name since he was the best player in the area!

No matter what level they compete at, basketball is basketball and Grip Spritz is providing each young man the opportunity to make money off the game they love with a product relevant to the sport! 

Be sure to keep your eye out on these two schools this upcoming season, they’re sure to put on a show!

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