Grip Spritz on Podcasts & Radio Shows

All exposure is good exposure, or something like that! Grip Spritz was lucky enough to sit down and join two media shows this past month and talk the business, our journey and of course, the sport of basketball!

We first joined Brandon Cox and the BSmooth Radio Show on their NBA Locker Room podcast. As a former hooper himself, Brandon knew all about what players would go through to get good grip on the court. Using old t-shirts as rags, hair spray and of course, spitting on the floor or your hand.

Being based out of Chicago, Brandon and his dad are die hard Bull’s fans so we naturally talked NBA ball and how both their Bulls and our Cav’s are making some noise in the eastern conference this year.

Brandon has a wide variety of guests, mainly former NBA players themselves come on and talk about the game. Make sure you check out his show on Facebook to get your fix of NBA news.

Next, we got on the HoopHeads Podcast with host Mike Klinzing! If you saw our first blog post from over the summer, we were able to get in the gym with Mike and his youth basketball camps to show him more about Grip Spritz. The kids all loved it and he’s since made it a staple of all of his events.

The HoopHeads Podcast consists of AAU, high school and college coaches of all levels from all over the country. It’s a great learning tool for anyone involved with the sport of basketball to see how different coaches work their teams.

Mike and I talked a lot about the origin of Grip Spritz, what’s next for the company and even a bit of background on my love for the game.


We hope you all take the time to check out what both these guys are putting out and support them! Links below are for both episodes we were apart of!


NBA Locker Room Show 

HoopHeads Podcast 

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