Grip Spritz & NABC (National Association of Basketball Coaches)

Who uses Grip Spritz?

We travel all over the country to let basketball coaches know about the Grip Spritz traction mat!

Let’s face it, coaches are tired of using traditional sticky mats. SlippNott sticky pads are expensive. Lots of high schools can’t afford them or they can only afford to use them during their games. Replacement sticky sheets for every game and practice costs too much.

When teams use their sticky pad, players step on it, the dust is removed from their basketball shoes, then after a few players, you need a new sticky sheet because the top sheet is covered in dust and dirt.

Once the coach peels off the top sheet, they have to find somewhere to throw it, if the players do it, they accidentally peel off 5 sheets at once.

The athletic department has a tight budget and doesn’t want to buy replacement sticky sheets over and over.

So, Grip Spritz created a better way for basketball teams to get better grip on dusty courts!

How do we let coaches know a better way exists? We partner with the NABC!

NABC - National Association of Basketball Coaches

The NABC hosts basketball coaches clinics all over the country, including the Men’s and Women’s Final 4!

This year, outside of the Women’s Final 4 we attended, Grip Spritz and the NABC also worked together on their four-part basketball coaches clinic!

These events took place in New York City, Atlanta, Nashville, and Las Vegas!

New York City - Iona University

We were most excited about this event! We do around 30 state basketball coaches clinics and athletic director conferences during the year but the Northeast is our least traveled area.

Coaches from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut traveled to Iona University for the weekend. Speakers included college coaching legends such as Fran Fraschilla, Bob Hurley, and Phil Martelli Jr. and Sr.


Atlanta - Oglethorpe University

The following weekend, we traveled south to Atlanta! We’ve done other events in the south, such as the Alabama Basketball Coaches Clinic, Florida Basketball Coaches Clinic, both North Carolina and South Carolina Athletic Directors Conventions, and the National Athletic Director Conference in Orlando but never anything in Georgia specifically. 

Atlanta is a basketball hot spot so we knew this would be big time! Coaches from Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina made their way to Oglethorpe University for another great set of speakers! Mike Brey, Damon Stoudamire, and Leonard Hamilton were some of the highlights!

Nashville - Trevecca Nazarene University

Nashville is always a good stop for us! Tennessee has slowly become one of our most frequently traveled states for all levels of basketball!

Back in 2022, the National Athletic Directors Convention was in Nashville, it was the first big-time event we went to. While this was a national event, obviously there was a huge local draw. In addition, we’ve attended Tennessee’s athletic director convention and basketball coaches clinic both of the previous two years.

We knew a fair share of coaches already but were excited to meet more. On top of schools from Tennessee, coaches from all over wanted to spend the weekend in Nashville. Coaches from schools in Kentucky, Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Arkansas all made the trip!

Las Vegas - Orleans Arena

Las Vegas was the show we knew would be the best of them all! It did not disappoint!

This past weekend over 500 high basketball coaches from Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri, Georgia, and Canada all stopped in Las Vegas.

This was an incredible experience for us. We had a handful of coaches who were already using the Grip Spritz Traction Mat and hundreds who were learning about it for the first time.

Some of the speakers were absolute legends of the game! Tara VanDerveer was the crowd favorite, and rightfully so!

Overall, joining the NABC Coaches Clinic was a massive step for Grip Spritz and the promotion of our traction mat. 

While it was new coaches, the response was the same! 

No matter where you travel, coaches are happy a better alternative to SlippNott sticky pads finally exists! 

Basketball players can finally get better grip on their basketball shoes, coaches no longer have to peel off sticky sheets all game long, and teams/schools save money!

This has been a crazy few weeks of travel but it was 100% worth it.

Can’t wait to join the NABC again next spring!

Now, let’s get to some AAU events!

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