Grip Spritz - March Athletic Directors Recap

Grip Spritz’s journey to solving every high school’s slippery basketball shoes continues!

High School basketball teams all have that one school in their conference.

Players know it, coaches know it, and parents know it! The gym with dustiest courts in the area. 

(Hopefully, we’re not talking about your gym!)

Unfortunately, dusty, slippery, courts are a pain no matter how many games you have to play on them. Your home gym or that one game a season.

With so many activities taking place in a school gym, of course, they’re not constantly in perfect playing condition. It’s just not possible!

For basketball teams, a dusty court can lead to plenty of slips and even worse, potential injuries.

But, many schools and athletic departments are stuck asking, “What can we do about it?”.

With gym classes, local rec leagues, and students wearing their everyday shoes on the court, it’s obviously going to be dirty.

School budgets continually get tighter and tighter, so basketball and volleyball teams just have to make it work.

What options are available? 

Most teams find what little relief they can get in the form of a courtside basketball sticky pad.

Players can step on it before they go into the game and it’ll remove whatever dust or dirt is on the soles of their basketball shoes.

One problem…

They’re going right back onto that same dusty court. Their shoes at best will collect more dust in a few possessions. At worst, they’re sticky magnets now for more dust.

Here starts the vicious cycle of every player wanting and needing a new replacement sticky sheet when they go back into the game.

The previous sheet is covered in the last players dust and dirt!

Coaches are stuck peeling off sticky sheet after sticky sheet in the middle of the game.

Players still aren’t getting appropriate traction on the court.

Athletic departments are stuck footing (pun intended) the bill for more and more replacement sticky pad sheets. And they aren’t cheap.

A team can expect to spend well over $300 on their sticky pad and enough sticky sheets for all their games. 

And that’s not including practices.. that are on the same dusty court. Or worse, in the aux gym that’s even worse.

There has to be a better way… *

Thankfully, athletic directors, basketball coaches, and players have found the answer!

Throughout March, Grip Spritz hit the road to spread that news to high school athletic departments across New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia!

Each event brought hundreds of athletic directors from across each state together to continue their education to ensure they’re leading their athletes and their families in the best way possible both on and off court/field!

While they’re not in the classroom, they get the opportunity to explore new and innovative ways to enhance their athletic facilities, cut costs, and learn more about products and services tailored to their schools needs.

There’s a common thread amongst all of them. We mentioned it earlier. Their gym or one of the gyms in their conference is “that gym”.

Any opportunity to cut down on court maintenance cost, mitigate the chance of injury for their athletes, and save money and headaches for their coaches, they’re all ears!

Why is Grip Spritz different than the sticky pad? 

Your basketball shoes want to be grippy, not sticky!

Sticky picks up more dust and dirt throughout the game, so players are constantly needing to reapply.

Which leads to the coach needing to peel off sticky sheets while trying to coach.

Which leads to spending more money on sticky sheets.

Grip Spritz won’t have your basketball shoes accumulating more dust so it lasts all game long. 

Since players don’t need to reapply, the coach has no maintenance work on it during the game. Put it down pregame, pick it up post-game!

The Grip Spritz Traction Mat comes with enough solution for all your games AND practices!

So you don’t need to worry about buying more throughout the season. Not to mention, this all costs about half the price of a sticky pad.

In other words, the boy's and girl's teams can each get one and still save money!

Players, coaches, and athletic directors are all happy!

One month of travel down and many more to go!

Up next, the Women’s Final 4 and the California Athletic Directors conference!

The journey to getting Grip Spritz in every basketball gym in the country continues!

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