Grip Spritz goes to the Women’s Final 4!

Grip Spritz 'Elite' Traction Mat is here for colleges!

This past weekend our hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, hosted the Women’s Final 4!

From start to finish, this season felt like it would be a monumental moment for women’s basketball and for it to end here in Cleveland was perfect.

The Final 4 played host to a great group of teams from NC State and undefeated South Carolina to UCONN and Caitlin Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes!

In addition to the teams playing, over 5,000 coaches across the DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and JUCO levels came to Cleveland for the festivities.

Throughout the weekend, coaches took time with business throughout the basketball world.

We at Grip Spritz got to thinking, what if we did something big for this weekend, too?

So we did!

We debuted our Grip Spritz ‘Elite’ Traction Mat!

Back in 2022, we traveled down to New Orleans for the Men’s Final 4.

We got some really good feedback on our current Grip Spritz Traction Mat.

Our biggest selling points at the high school and AAU level were cost savings and improved effectiveness on extra dusty basketball courts, compared to a typical sticky pad.

Colleges, however, play on pristine courts and as you reach higher levels of the sport, care far less about money.

We left there knowing we had to do something different if we wanted to start making noise at the college and even professional level, so we got to work!

With some very specific ideas (Thank you Coach Fernandez from USF!) on what college coaches would like to see in a sticky pad variation, we knew our ideas were totally feasible.

He assured us that coaches wouldn’t mind paying for peace of mind, an easier game day workload for the equipment staff, and a fully customizable product.

We started by better anchoring our traction mat to the basketball court. If a player stepped on it, it couldn’t move.

Unlike a high school sideline, there’s so much going on in such a small area in arenas. While players are trying to save a loose ball or hustle back on defense, they obviously cannot slip or trip on the traction mat.

Next, college equipment staffs are swamped on game days. Water, timeouts, pregame routines, the list goes on and on.

Taking one thing off their to-do list can be huge. So, no more peeling off sticky sheets. Just make sure you pour some Grip Spritz pregame and pick it up post-game!

Lastly, customization. Let’s face it, these college athletics programs are massive nationwide brands! Some are even international.

They want to see their logo, their colors, and their entire brand showcased all over.

Now they can. The entire exterior case can be changed. Whatever they want, can be done!

We are so excited to continue building Grip Spritz throughout the basketball world. That includes the highest levels of the game and now that’s possible with our “Elite” Traction Mat!

To wrap an awesome weekend up, what better way than to catch some GREAT games?!

If you are thinking about hitting a Final 4 game, the women’s atmosphere was unbelievable!

We are already talking about San Antonio (for the Men’s Final 4) and Tampa Bay (for the Women’s Final 4) for 2025!

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