Florida Basketball Coaches Association- 2023

As the ramp up for high school basketball season continues, a coaches clinic took up us down to Tampa, Florida!

The Florida Association of Basketball Coaches (FABC) had their second annual clinic.

It’s great to see more states begin to host these coaches clinics, they’re so beneficial for so many different groups.

When we attended Alabama’s statewide clinic, you saw how things began to form in year one. Going to Florida for their second year showed how quickly these events can grow when they’re ran well!

First, the high school coaches have a tremendous opportunity to learn more about the game of basketball as well as overall coaching.

They get to see how some of the coaches at the highest level of the sport run practices or how they structure their offensive and defensive sets for games.

High school also get valuable insight on coaching off the court. College/Professional coaches need to be able to manage players from all walks of life and they do a great job passing along what’s been helpful for them from a team culture perspective.

College coaches get a much more in depth relationship with the coaches in their state. Most recruits at the next level will come from that home state, so being familiar with the high school coaches can really help whenever they have talent ready to play at the next level.

For us, it’s an awesome opportunity to get our traction mat in front of new coaches and programs! We see so much growth on social media that you begin to forget how many people still don’t know about us! Every event, we’ll run into a coach or two who has seen the product but it’s our first impression to everyone else.

Coaches are always curious, not quite sure what it does or how it works. Until we let them try it!

Since these events are in gyms, coaches can see how well Grip Spritz works for themselves! While they talk with us, we let them try it out, see how easy it is to use and how much money it can save their school.

As they walk around the rest of the day during the clinic, they notice they’re old, outdoor shoes are still squeaking! Whenever they walk by they’ll do a quick chop of their feet to show us it’s still working and we all laugh!

We know, however, that we turned a stranger into a believer!

Finally basketball coaches can be done with sticky mats. Not more peeling off sticky sheets or overspending on replacements.

With our court side traction mat, coaches can save time and money while getting their players actual grip on dusty courts.

They don’t have to take a second away from coaching because a player wants a new sheet. Just use the traction pad pregame and the whole team is good to go all night!

We are super excited for next year in Florida! Year one to this year, they saw significant growth in how many high school basketball coaches attended. They also have so many great college coaches in the area to bring in!

They will continue to grow this and make it a premier state clinic for their guys to learn from coaches all over the country.

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