Edgewood High School Girl's Showcase - 2021

Tonight Grip Spritz traveled out to Edgewood High School in Ashtabula, Ohio. A couple weeks back we went out to demonstrate our courtside basketball shoe traction mat during Edgewood’s boys and girls open gyms.

We’ve been doing lots of cold reach outs to get our foot in the door at as many schools as possible. You obviously get left on read more often than not but for every school you do get in at, they mean that much more.

While at the open gym, we give every coach this comparison sheet. 



Our main goal is to provide a more effective and cost efficient solution to players not having traction on the court. We know we can deliver both of those.

We know if we can get in the gym, we can stop the players from slipping and sliding. The next step is obviously getting Grip Spritz to the level where we don’t have to be there physically.

While at Edgewood, we’re we invited to a local Ashtabula girls basketball showcase for the surrounding high schools. It’s great to build these connections that continue to help us build brand awareness and continue to grow through a grass roots approach!

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