Dtermined Athletics 'Dtermine Your Destiny' Tournament - 2023

Dtermined Athletics hosted their 8th annual 'Dtermine Your Destiny' tournament this weekend in the greater Los Angeles area! Grip Spritz was thankfully invited to come by and help the players get better grip on their basketball shoes!

Over 200 teams from a handful of different states traveled to town to determine their destiny! Teams ranged from 3rd to 8th grade and played in a half dozen gyms throughout the area.

We spent Saturday at Marina High School, which was awesome since they had three courts playing from 8AM-8PM! We we're able see so many teams and showcase Grip Spritz to them.

On Sunday, we went to Stacey Middle School because their court was so slippery. Players and parents just had to put up with this until we showed up! 

Each day we would set up one of our Grip Spritz courtside traction mats and allow each team and each player to try Grip Spritz out right before they took the court for their next game. The players loved it, especially on those slippery middle school courts.

We were able to watch all the games at each gym and spent most of the day talking to parents about how Grip Spritz is different than what they had seen teams use before, sticky pads.

Breaking it down that adhesives are going to cause a residue to build up on the soles of the shoes, it makes sense why sticky pads are only giving you grip on your basketball shoes for a few possessions. Putting 'traction in a bottle' was a game changer for them. 

Playing AAU basketball takes you to a lot of different gyms and teams where you never know what the quality of the court is going to be. Most teams are coached by parents who don't want to spend all that money on a sticky pad so Grip Spritz fixed that! Players could have their own personal traction mat that fits in their pocket and works all game long!

We love getting in the gym with youth basketball teams and this definitely wasn't the last time we'll spend time with Dtermined Athletics!

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