Detroit Volleyball - Can-Am Classic - 2023

This past weekend, Grip Spritz hit our second big volleyball event of the year in Detroit. The Can-Am Classic by Sequence Sports brought volleyball teams from the Midwest United States and Ontario Canada together as the season winds down.

This event was smaller than the World Challenge in Louisville we started April with, but there were still over 600 teams!

We wanted to spend the beginning of 2023 getting more involved with the youth volleyball events. We focused on hitting the biggest events possible to better understand what the girls thought of Grip Spritz.

With how quickly we've grown in basketball, we knew volleyball was the next logical step. Shoe traction is massive in basketball, you're changing direction and speed constantly on both offense and defense. Volleyball, however, it's quicker changes of direction, you have to be able to plant your foot with confidence your shoe isn't going to slip or slide on the dusty court.

Speaking of dusty courts, basketball, and volleyball events are played on the same style of court. They're cheap, plastic, drop-down tile courts that can be put together and taken apart quickly. These courts are slippery. They can even be unsafe for athletes. We knew how much of a difference Grip Spritz made at AAU basketball tournaments, this would be just as beneficial!

Very few volleyball teams were familiar with the courtside sticky mats that plenty of basketball teams use. They were blown away by the idea of a shoe grip spray!

It almost felt like our early days in basketball. We were doing as much educating as we were demoing and showcasing!

These plastic drop-down courts are magnets for dust. Since they're plastic, the static electricity they collect will draw dust to them. You need something that isn't going to pick up that dust and dirt on the soles of your volleyball or basketball shoes.

This is why we love saying, Grip Spritz makes your shoes grippy, not sticky! 

Secondly, volleyball players travel all over for their events. Having 'traction in a bottle' was incredibly interesting to them. Our shoe grip spray works for the whole season, goes to every gym they go to, and is small enough to travel on a plane with you!

As the first true volleyball season slowly comes to an end for us, we are really happy with how things started! We already have plans with plenty of promoters to hit the ground running in the winter to do even more next season.

We will definitely be working with tons of high school volleyball teams this coming fall! Super excited to continue spending more time at volleyball events and helping players get better grip on their volleyball shoes!


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