Can you use basketball shoes for volleyball?

Volleyball and basketball have a lot in common both in the athletic abilities needed as well as the importance of traction on the shoes when taking the court.

As we learn more and more about volleyball and volleyball shoes, we've learned that an increasing amount of volleyball players are beginning to wear basketball shoes. No matter what shoes you're wearing or which sport you're playing, dusty courts are common.

This leads many to ask, can my basketball shoe grip be enhanced or how can I get better traction on my shoes? You'll find a lot of results, liquid chalk, traction pad and traction mats, and many other options.

You want to avoid chemicals that will harm the rubber by providing short term shoe traction but dry out and ruin the rubber in the long run. These are usually home remedies like hand sanitizer or hair spray. You also want to be careful with traction mats or sticky pads since they use adhesives. By removing dust and dirt from the basketball shoes with adhesives, a residue will build up that in turn, will actually attract more dust. That's why after a few possessions, your basketball shoes are slippery and have no grip again.

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