Best Way To Improve Grip on Slippery Basketball Shoes in 2023

Basketball players are constantly worried about slippery shoes and how to improve the grip on their basketball shoes. It’s becoming more and more common for basketball courts to be dusty and dirty both at the high school and AAU levels.

For the longest time, the only answer has been stepping on a piece of sticky plastic to remove the dust that’s on the shoes. This lead to a lot of headaches from basketball coaches but it was the only option. As we created our basketball traction mat, we wanted to fix all of the issues that they brought forward.

  • Sticky/traction pads are expensive. The board and enough sheets for the season can approach $400.
  • Coaches have more important things to do during games instead of worrying about peeling off sticky sheets and finding somewhere to put them.
  • The average basketball team will use 3-6 sticky sheets per game. Coaches are responsible for that because when they let kids, every kid wants a new sheet or they accidently peel off 4 sheets at once by grabbing the wrong tab.
  • When you run out of sheets, replacement sheets are incredibly pricey.
  • The traction on the basketball shoes just doesn't last that long. After a few possessions, your shoes lose their grip. Adhesives are going to build up a residue on the shoes, making them sticky so that dust and dirt on the court only has one place to go.

We also knew that these courtside traction mats were very bulky and heavy to carry around and there wasn't really an option for players. Basketball players these days are playing on school teams, AAU teams, going to camps, working with trainers and you never really know what the quality of any basketball court you're going to be playing on and your shoes really become slippery when courts are dusty and dirty.

Grip Spritz recognized there was a huge gap in assisting individual players who aren't going to be carrying a sticky mat or who's team doesn't provide them any fix for their shoe grip, they would be at the mercy of the court.

We started by solving the players issue first and hoping it would in turn put an end to the headaches for the coaches dealing with those courtside sticky mats.

Our basketball shoe traction spray was the perfect fix for players wondering how to get better grip on their shoes. We were able to enhance the grip of the shoes for an entire game and allow players to take that traction to every gym they go to.

We knew we also had to find a way for high school and college programs to get better grip on their basketball shoes even quicker and easier, though!

Our basketball courtside traction mat was that solution! We were able to remove the adhesives so the grip on the shoes would last a full game and have no build up of residue. We also completely got rid of the sticky sheets so coaches could focus on coaching and not peeling off and throwing away plastics. Lastly, we wanted every school to be able to afford to get better grip on their shoes. Our Grip Spritz Traction Mat gives schools the ability to get two courtside traction mats, one for the boys, one for the girls, for less than half the cost of one SlippNott sticky mat!

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