Basketball Coaches Clinics - October 2023

Our favorite time of the year is here! Basketball season is right around the corner and we couldn't be more excited.

As we ramp up in preparation for the season, travel starts to slow down. This year was even busier than 2022, which was already a lot.

October took us to Detroit, Michigan for the BCAM (Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan) Clinic as well as WBCA (Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association) Clinic.

Both of these states put on great clinics, so we had to hit both for the second year in a row. 

Michigan kicked off the month with over 600 coaches at Oakland University. Last year this was one of our best and favorite events. Detroit has so many great ball players and strong high school programs. 

Wisconsin is one of the larger events that we do, over 1,000 coaches come into the Wisconsin Dells for the two-day event. This year was even crazier. 

Caitlin Clark was one of the speakers, so you know the gym was packed. 

She stayed around and signed some stuff for the children of the coaches, and answered questions about how she got to the level she is at today.

These clinics have become second nature to us. We almost know what coaches will ask before they even think about it. It's especially helpful to return for a second year. Coaches remember us or used Grip Spritz in the previous season and they're always quick to tell their fellow coaches how much better it is than a sticky pad. Oh, and how much money it saved their school!

Unfortunately, we can't always make it to every event. There are just too many states, too many clinics, too many coaches, and not enough time or Grip Spritz bodies to hit them all.

When this happens, we partner with the state organization. This year, two events we attended last fall didn't work out. Washington State Basketball Coaches Association and the North Carolina Association of Basketball Coaches.

Both are super cool events that we wish we would have been able to attend but they still hook us up!

Both states passed out our information, emailed all of their coaches, and even gave testimonials on our products! 

We're hoping next year we will have more boots on the ground to get back to any we missed out on this year. I think with how we're growing, it's definitely in the works!

As the travel for the year begins to wind down with basketball season getting closer with every passing day, we switch hats to getting all of the products ready for all the eager coaches!

Every event we go to puts us one step closer to our goal of being in every basketball gym in the world! The next stops are Columbus, Ohio, and Orlando, Florida!

I hope we can run into you or your coach at the next event so you can get some grip and save some money this basketball season!

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