Basin Sports Carrying Grip Spritz

We are constantly asked about where athletes can get their hands on Grip Spritz. For the longest time, we've only been able to say our website and Amazon! Both are great, but sometimes your shoes need better grip and they need it now, so they don't want to wait for the shipping.


Being a newer brand, brick and mortar retail stores can be tough but they are a necessity. Since so many basketball players, teams, coaches are so familiar with SlippNott sticky pads, there is definitely a learning curve to using Grip Spritz.

Players aren't familiar with the idea that better grip on your basketball shoes can come in a bottle as a shoe grip spray. Unless you've seen us at a basketball tournament or our social media videos, people may see it sitting on a shelf and be clueless. 

Teams are used to stepping on a sticky pad, go play, when you need better grip for your basketball shoes, peel off another sticky sheet, repeat that over and over. Coaches pouring Grip Spritz on our traction mat once before the game is different to say the least. Instead of tapping like a sticky pad, you're scrubbing on our traction pad.

Lots of questions we're always asked include, how much do I use, do I need to wash this, does it work instantly or do I wait, do I need to dry it off? We're doing almost as much educating as we are promoting!

To answer those for anyone curious, it's pretty easy!

Players use about 3-5 sprays per shoe the first time. 1-2 each time after that do the trick. Spritz the shoes, dry them with a cotton towel, and your basketball shoes have better grip right away!

Teams use about a half oz. to get the traction mat ready to go courtside.

Here is a video of how easy it is: How To Use Grip Spritz Basketball Shoe Grip Spray

This can become tough when we're not there to explain and show how easy it is!

We're going to get a really good idea of how things go when we're not around! Basin Sporting Goods in Vernal, Utah is our first store front retailer!

We're incredibly excited to work with them and get the opportunity to put Grip Spritz in front of their audience. They will be carrying both our team traction mats and basketball grip spray! 

We're super excited to learn and grow from this! We know this is only the beginning of our journey to getting on shelfs all across America!

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