Amazon Prime Day Deals on Grip Spritz

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Grip Spritz

Amazon Prime Day means deals on everything! That includes Grip Spritz!

When you’re playing on a dusty court and your basketball shoes are slippery, you want grip NOW, not in a week!

Amazon Prime gets you slippery court relief in about a day.

This Prime Day, (July 16-17) you can get Grip Spritz fast and at a discount!

Our basketball shoe grip spray will be 15% off and 2-day delivery to everyone.

Get your Grip Spritz with Prime!

If you aren’t familiar with Grip Spritz, here’s how it works...

When you’re playing basketball or volleyball on a dusty court, your shoes are slippery. This can also happen if you’re playing in older shoes that are a bit worn down. Grip Spritz enhances the grip in both cases all game long.

Grip Spritz Basketball Shoe Grip Spray

We designed Grip Spritz to be safe for the player and the shoes while providing game long grip!

Grip Spritz has options for individual players and entire teams!

Players can simply spray their shoes, wipe them dry, and go play! Each bottle will last a full season of games and practices. Bundles of bottles will cover your shoes for an entire travel and school season and they include a ‘Spritz Mitt’. It doubles as a carrying pouch for the bottles and a towel to dry the shoes after spraying!

Teams can finally ditch their sticky pads! For decades, the only option for slippery basketball shoes has been a courtside sticky mat. These can become pretty expensive, they produce a ton of plastic waste and require in-game maintenance by the coach.

Grip Spritz Basketball Traction Pad

Grip Spritz will cost about half the price of a sticky pad and last the entire season (about 64 games or practices) before you need more solution. Replacement sticky sheets add up quickly. Each player wants a fresh one since the old one is covered by the dust and dirt from the last player’s shoes. Players can accidentally peel off multiple sheets at once if they aren’t careful, too.

Coaches usually are in charge of peeling off sticky sheets all game. They have to peel them, find somewhere to throw them away, or watch them pile up on the sideline. It’s an extra headache while they’re trying to coach.

However you Grip Spritz your shoes, you’ll get game long grip unlike a sticky pad because your shoes are grippy, not sticky!

Who uses Grip Spritz?

Hundreds of thousands of athletes across the globe use and love Grip Spritz for every sport you can imagine. Basketball, volleyball, futsal, baseball, softball, football, badminton, golf, tennis, pickleball, fencing, wrestling and many more!

Thousands of AAU teams, high schools, and universities have made the switch from sticky pads to Grip Spritz.

Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can join them in getting better basketball shoe grip for the best price possible and as soon as possible!

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