2023 - End of Year Travel Wrap Up

What a whirlwind 2023 was!

2022 felt like we spent more time on the road than we spent at home but somehow, in 2023 we did even more.

We hit over 30 states on the road to events, traveling over 11,000 miles, and plenty of hours in airports. But, you already knew that from our previous blogs!

To wrap up the 2023 year, we had two of our larger events. The state of Ohio's Athletic Directors Conference as well as the National Athletic Directors Conference in Orlando, Florida.

We love these shows, they help build the overall brand awareness of Grip Spritz. Getting in front of the decision-makers for schools is how we can continue to expand.

What do we tell these AD's?

Most schools use those courtside basketball sticky pads. When they find out that there is an alternative, that saves them money, they're happy to meet us!

High School coaches are tired of these sticky mats. They're super expensive for schools each year. They have to either share between the boys and girls or try to afford enough sticky sheets for both teams. For teams that play on dusty courts, they don't do much. Sticky residue just picks up more dust and dirt. On top of all that, most coaches just don't want to tear off sheets while they're trying to coach.

Grip Spritz was created as an alternative to that but in a spray bottle first! If your team had a sticky pad but you wanted grip on your basketball shoes, you could use our traction spray! 

After coaches started to ask about something for the whole team, we thought, why not also make a traction mat and make it even easier for the teams? 

We kept our traction mat affordable so teams could get two for the price of one sticky mat. This is massive for athletic directors. Why make the teams share when you can save money and allow both teams to have a solution?

Finally, no headaches for coaches. Since it lasts all game long, coaches aren't dealing with peeling off sticky sheets while they're trying to coach. That means these athletic directors don't need to constantly purchase another package of replacement sticky sheets.

National Athletic Director Conference

Each year, athletic directors from all over the country come to one event somewhere in the US. Easy to say this is one of our best events.

This year was in Orlando, Florida. 

We had our largest set up to date to accommodate everyone coming through to check out Grip Spritz.

Grip Spritz Exhibitor Booth - NADC 2023

We are already planning our booth to be even bigger and better next December in Austin, Texas!

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