Will Grip Spritz work on a dusty court?

Will Grip Spritz work on a dusty court?

Yes. Grip Spritz uses no adhesives so your shoes won't pick up more dust!

When you're playing on a dusty court, players are so used to having no way to get relief from slipping and sliding. If the team does have a sticky pad, it's still such aĀ short-term fix.Ā 

All sticky pads really do is remove any dust or dirt already on the sole of the shoe with an adhesive base. After stepping on something sticky and heading backĀ onto a dusty court, you're just going to get into a vicious cycle.

By eliminating adhesives from Grip Spritz, it allows the basketball shoes to maintain that grip over a longer period of playing. That's why Grip SpritzĀ lasts about a game rather than just a few possessions.

If the court is super dusty, you may get the best results reapplying when you have time, like halftime, to ensure you're covered all game long. Conversely, if you're playing on a well-kept, hardwood floor Grip Spritz can give you multiple games worth of traction.

This is why we see so many players use our Grip Spritz basketball grip spray even if their team uses a sticky pad. It won't just remove whatever is already on the soles, it will give you grip all game long.

In addition, lots of teams saw the benefit and cost savings of making the full switch from sticky pads to our Grip Spritz Traction Mat. Just like the individual bottles, it delivers the sameĀ game-long traction fix while saving the athletic program tons of money!

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