Where can I get Grip Spritz?

Where can I get Grip Spritz?

Grip Spritz is available in most countries through our website, Amazon, ETSY, eBay, or Walmart.com!

Basketball and volleyball are worldwide sports, so Grip Spritz has to be a worldwide fix!

Thanks to social media, we're connected with athletes all over the world and dusty courts are universal, unfortunately.

We wanted to be sure Grip Spritz was available to everyone for as inexpensive as possible! International shipping is expensive, especially when it's a liquid.

Here are the best, least expensive, and quickest ways to get Grip Spritz wherever you are in the world!

Our Website

Our website provides shipping to the most overall countries. All of North America, most of South and Central America, most of Europe, parts of Africa, parts of Asia, and all of Australia!

While we provide the most destinations, it's not the quickest or most affordable option for some countries. 

If you're here in the States, Australia, South and Central America, and Asia, this is where you will want to get your Grip Spritz from!


If you're in Canada or Mexico, Amazon will save you on shipping as well as get you your Grip Spritz much more quickly!

If you're in the US and want Grip Spritz NOW (2 Days, but close enough), being a Prime Member will be the absolute fastest solution.


ETSY is the best solution for any athlete in Europe. Since ETSY has such a large logistics operation, packages move to Europe much quicker and for much less in shipping than other options!

Walmart.com, TikTok, and eBay

These are mainly available just for the preference of shoppers here in the US. eBay does do some international destinations but, the previously mentioned platforms are better options. Walmart.com is also a solid option if you have an account with them!

As the TikTok shop continues to grow, this could become a better option! Sometimes TikTok itself will run deals to encourage shopping within the app and you can get really good deals on plenty of items, Grip Spritz included!

Your country isn't listed anywhere?

Shoot us a message and we will gladly integrate it into our logistics software!

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