What does Grip Spritz do?

What does Grip Spritz do?

Grip Spritz gives your basketball shoes better grip on dusty courts.

Every basketball player has experienced the headache of playing on a court that hasn't been properly cleaned. It's covered in dust and dirt and you're stuck wondering, how do I get better grip on my basketball shoes?

Growing up, it felt like the only fix was wiping your shoes with your hand or spitting on the floor to rub your shoes in. Neither are that effective but it was better than nothing.

In recent years, home remedies like hair spray and hand sanitizer have grown in popularity. While these provide short-term relief, long-term both are going to ruin your basketball shoes. Both products contain alcohol. Alcohol is terrible for the rubber soles of your shoes. It will begin to break down, dry out, and deteriorate the soles, making them even more slippery than they were.

Far too many players have either ruined their shoes or bought a new pair in hopes that it would solve their dusty court-induced slips. Basketball shoes are way too expensive for either of these.

We created Grip Spritz with the idea of providing game-long traction to your shoes on dusty courts without any of the harmful chemicals.

Both teams and players can finally find a fix that they can trust.

Players can take our basketball shoe grip spray with them wherever they play. Games, practices, camps, clinics, pick-up games, workouts, wherever, Grip Spritz has you covered.

Teams can find a more effective, less costly alternative to their normal sticky pad with our courtside basketball traction mat!

Get more life out of your basketball shoes and know that you won't be slipping and sliding anytime you play on a less than perfect gym floor!

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