Is Grip Spritz legal?

Is Grip Spritz legal? 

Shockingly, we did not create Grip Spritz without checking this! It is 100% legal!

We spent about two years creating the Grip Spritz formula to ensure that it effectively got your basketball shoes better grip while being safe for you and your shoes. On top of that, it also had to be legal at all levels of basketball.

Thankfully, this wasn't difficult since Mission Court Grip had previously existed.

You may remember Mission Court Grip if you aren't familiar with Grip Spritz. Let's take a trip down memory lane for a lot of basketball players!

Mission Court Grip

If you watched an NBA game from 2011 until about 2014, you saw this on every sideline.

It was a roll-on solution that gave NBA players better grip on the court. 

Court Grip was prominent at the NCAA and NBA level for a handful of years. As of today, they no longer exist.

They were totally, 100%, legal, though! Which was perfect for Grip Spritz as we came into the market very shortly after.

Rather than being a roll-on like Court Grip, Grip Spritz is a basketball shoe grip spray! Both are incredibly easy for players to use and bring with them to their next game.

What about your traction mat? 

Again, we had it very easy. SlippNott Sticky Pads have been all over the sidelines at basketball games for decades.

Unlike Mission Court Grip, SlippNott sticky pads are still around and very prevalent at every level of basketball.

Once we had our grip spray to replace Court Grip, coaches began asking if we had a team traction mat. They wanted it to be easier than players all spraying their basketball shoes during timeouts. So we created our Grip Spritz Traction Mat with direct feedback from basketball coaches!

Since SlippNott has been around so long, basketball coaches were super familiar with them and knew what they wanted to be different to make it a better experience for themselves and their players.

They didn't want to constantly be peeling off plastic sheets and looking for somewhere to throw them while coaching. Every player wants a new sheet so it piles up quickly on the sideline. So Grip Spritz removed any in-game maintenance from our traction mat.

Teams go through so many sheets, teams are constantly having to order more replacement sticky sheets and the money spent adds up very quickly. AAU coaches and high schools have tight budgets, so they wanted it to be more cost-efficient. Grip Spritz saves a basketball team a few hundred dollars compared to a SlippNott sticky pad.

Lastly, coaches wanted it to last longer, so by removing any adhesives from the product, the team's basketball shoes have grip longer, even on dusty courts.

Here's a full breakdown of how Grip Spritz and SlippNott are different!

So again, 100% legal, just a different way of applying! (That thousands of coaches are beginning to prefer)!

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