How to Clean Basketball Shoes

How to Clean the Bottom Rubber Outsole of Basketball Shoes

When the bottom of your basketball shoes become dirty, they become slippery! Here's how to clean the outsoles of your basketball shoes to make them feel brand new and give you better grip on the court!

Even if you only wear your basketball shoes while you're playing, dust, dirt, and debris covering the court can collect on the soles, leaving them looking like this

How to clean dirty bottom of basketball shoe sole

Courts need to be cleaned more, they're used for too many events and left dirty, slippery, and dangerous for basketball players!

Cleaning Your Basketball Shoes without Harming Them

Most cleaning solutions, alcohol, and chemicals can cause more harm than good when it comes to rubber, especially when they're your expensive basketball shoes!

Most players have shifted to a grip spray! They clean the soles of the shoes while reconditioning and rejuvenating the rubber. This cleans the bottom of your basketball shoes and enhances their traction on dusty courts!

Basketball shoes after cleaning them with Grip Spritz

Here's the same shoe after a few sprays! The difference is night and day. You'll feel it when cutting and changing direction.

How Do Basketball Shoe Grip Sprays Work?

The grip spray shown here, Grip Spritz, has two easy, quick steps! Just spray your shoes and wipe them dry. Then, you're ready to play!

How to use Grip Spritz on your basketball shoes

Dust, dirt, and debris break down and run off the shoe immediately! After spraying, the shoes won't feel sticky, they'll just feel like they're new.

Your basketball shoes want to grip the court, not stick to the court!

After you dry the shoes, you'll see how much dirt is stuck on the soles. Here's what came off just one basketball shoe!

Basketball shoes after using Grip Spritz

Your basketball shoe outsole will be clean and grippy for plenty of games to come! A few sprays of Grip Spritz will elongate the life of your shoes for seasons to come. No more replacing basketball shoes because the grip is gone!

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