How long do basketball traction mats last?

How long do basketball traction mats last?

Watch an NBA game, March Madness, High School, Middle School or Youth AAU basketball, you’ll see a traction mat by the bench.

They’re there to help players get better grip on their basketball shoes, especially on dustier courts.

If you coach and have one or are in the market for one for the upcoming basketball season, here’s how long you can expect your traction mat to last!

This could mean two things.

1. How long will my basketball shoes have grip after using my traction mat?

2. How many basketball seasons will my traction mat last?

There are sticky pads and traction mats, here is a breakdown of both!

How long will my basketball shoes have grip after using a traction mat?

Sticky Pad

Using a sticky pad will get basketball shoes grip for a few possessions. 

Part of that is in the name. Sticky pads. If you step on something sticky, then go on a dusty basketball court, your shoes are going to pick up more dust.

The top sticky sheet takes whatever dust is on the soles of your basketball shoes, then the next player needs a new sheet, otherwise it won’t be as sticky to help the next players shoes.

So, long story short, each application gets shoes a few possessions of grip, then you will need to tear off a new sticky sheet.

Traction Mat

The main difference between the two is making the basketball shoes grippy versus sticky.

A traction mat will get your basketball shoes grip for about a game, on average.

Since they don’t use any adhesives, they allow the shoes to maintain their grip on a dusty court much longer.

If the court is super dusty (every conference has that school), players may need to reapply at halftime. You don’t have to peel sheets or apply more solution to the mat. What you added at the start of the game will still work, unlike that top sticky sheet.

Again, long story short, about a game! With less maintenance if players do need to reapply during the game.

How many seasons will my traction mat last?

Sticky Pad

The stick pad board will last a fair amount of time, you will need to replace the sticky sheets pretty often.

Each replacement order of sticky sheets will run a few hundred dollars for a season of strictly game usage.

The downside some teams face is if you apply the sticky sheets on the wrong way (which is fairly easy to do) they’re all wasted. If you play in a gym where the doors are left open to cool it down, debris can coat the top sheet and waste it. Lastly, if you live somewhere that gets hotter temperatures, the plastic can warp if it’s left in the car.

Traction Mat

The basketball traction mat will last a few seasons, at least.

It is sewn rather than plastic but does have some density to it so it can withstand some wear and tear. 

The biggest advantage comes in the replacements. The mat itself comes with enough solution for 64 games/practices.

This gives teams enough for multiple seasons or allows the team to use it all their games and practices for the season. You play and practice on the same dusty court, why would you only want grip on game day?!

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