How is Grip Spritz different than a sticky pad?

How is Grip Spritz different than a sticky pad?

Grip Spritz is a longer-lasting and far less expensive alternative to a sticky pad!

For decades, sticky pads have been the only fix to slippery basketball courts. You see them on the sidelines of every college and NBA game you watch. Your high school or AAU team may even use them.

We created our Grip Spritz Traction Mat to be a direct fix to everything coaches and players don't like about sticky pads.

At the NBA and college levels, those teams are usually the only teams using those courts, at worst, other sports use them but at the same professional or collegiate level.

When you get down to the AAU or high school level, those courts are used for any and everything. Naturally, they're more dusty, they're cleaned less, and become more slippery when it's time for your game.

When you step on an adhesive-based mat, it removes whatever dust is on the soles of your shoes. But, after stepping on something sticky, you go right back onto that dusty, dirty basketball court.

In addition, these sticky pads are incredibly expensive. For a high school team to get through a full season of just games, they're looking at well over $300 for the board and enough sticky sheets.

For coaches, they're in charge of peeling off those sticky sheets for players while the game is going on. After a few players use a sheet, it becomes dirty and is worthless for the next player. If players peel the sheets, or even coaches in a hurry, you could accidentally peel off 5 sheets at once by not grabbing the top sheet. An expensive mistake.

Grip Spritz looked to combat all of these. Make a team traction mat that lasts longer, saves the team money, and is super easy to maintain for a coach or player.

The Grip Spritz Traction Mat will give teams enough solution to ensure they have enough for all of their games, at least, and even most of their practices. It also costs the team about half of the typical sticky pad price. Finally, all you have to do is pour a half oz. of the solution and it's ready to go, no peeling off sheets. 

We go way more in-depth on some of the differences and advantages of Grip Spritz compared to a sticky pad here.

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