How do you make your basketball shoes more grippy?

If you need to add more grip to your basketball shoes, here's how!

Every basketball player has been there. It's AAU season, you show up to a facility with dozens of courts and all of them are dusty! No one is going to clean all those courts, especially throughout the day with games starting one after another.

When you're playing on a dusty basketball court, you'll always see players wiping their shoes with their hands. Maybe even licking their hand before or spitting on the floor. Sometimes the coach will keep a wet towel next to the bench for players.

The issue with all of these is that after a few possessions, at most, you're back to slipping and sliding on the dusty court.

This leaves basketball players and teams with two options, find something that lasts longer on dusty courts or bring their brooms and mops with them to clean their court pregame!

Here's how you can do that!

Fix for the entire basketball team:

Playing basketball, everyone has seen and used one of these:

A sticky pad will help remove any dust and dirt that has collected on the soles of your basketball shoes. Unfortunately, a lot like water and spit, it won't last all that long. Players have to use it anytime they come in and out of the game to keep their shoes ready to go. The issue with this is coaches are stuck with a pretty big bill for all the replacement sheets a team will go through in a season.

Another option is a traction mat! Similarly, this is meant for an entire team. 

The main difference is that it isn't sticky. It uses no adhesives on your basketball shoes so it won't collect dust as quickly.

If you are playing on a dusty court, players can reapply without peeling off tons of sticky sheets, making it more affordable for the team and coach.

Think about it. After a player steps on the sticky sheet, all the debris from their shoes is left behind. It's like trying to use a piece of tape after it fell in some dirt, it isn't sticky anymore and won't do its job. So every player wants a fresh sheet! That's how things get expensive.

With a traction mat, after you pour some solution on it pregame, that same solution will work the rest of the game. So while it lasts longer, if you do need to reapply because the basketball court is just that bad, the coach has no maintenance and it doesn't consume more product!

I'm a player, I don't need all that! Just something for my shoes!

We have a fix for your slippery basketball shoes, too!

So the court is super dusty, your hand or water isn't cutting it and your team doesn't have a traction mat, what do you do?! 

(Maybe you're working with a trainer, at the rec center, at a camp, during practice, or on any court that's slippery and you need grip!)

Players can get themselves a basketball shoe grip spray. It's super easy to apply, it lasts all game, and it goes to every gym you play in.

You don't even need to bring it to the gym with you (your teammates will all be needing some and your bottle disappears fast!). You can prep your basketball shoes the night before. Just spray the soles of the shoes, dry them with a cotton towel, and they are ready to go!

The advantage of basketball shoe grip sprays  (especially this one) are safe for your shoes. They don't contain harmful chemicals for the players and no alcohol that will ruin the shoes quickly! Too expensive to do that!

The good news is that you no longer have to struggle on slippery, dusty basketball courts! No matter if you coach and want to help out your players or just want to make sure you won't get injured on these courts, you have a fix now!

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