How do I use Grip Spritz?

How do I use Grip Spritz?

Spray the soles of your shoes 3-5 times, wipe them dry, go play!

When you're hooping on a dusty court, you want an instant fix! Grip Spritz is as close to instant as you can get. 

All it takes is a few sprays on each shoe, a quick wipe dry with a cotton towel and you're done slipping on the court.

Our Spritz Mitt is 100% cotton and it's the easiest way to dry your shoes and store the bottles in your backpack! Any cotton towel will do the trick, though!

If your team has our traction mat, it's just as easy to use. Load the mesh side of the pad with a half oz. of the solution, scrub your shoes, dry them on the cloth side, and go play! Same idea, just faster and easier for the whole team!

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