Best Cheap Basketball Shoes - 2024

Most Affordable Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are becoming increasingly more expensive. And they don't seem to last as long!

There are so many different basketball shoes players want to wear. Nike, Adidas, Puma. Curry's Lebron's, KD's, Jordan's, Kyrie's, Zion's. The list goes on and on. 

But, which is the best basketball and which is the most affordable? What if you can get the best of both worlds? Well, you can!

Most Affordable Basketball Shoes

There are some solid basketball shoes for under $100. The most popular being the Giannis Immortality's. Lots of players do worry about how well they hold up if they're playing year-round or if they're playing on less-than-perfect courts, however. 

Giannis Immortality Basketball Shoes

There is a definite trade off but there are ways to offset some of these shortcomings! We will touch on that later.

Best Basketball Shoes

The best basketball shoe can be tough to answer! It varies player by player and position by position.

Guards, players who cut and change direction more often, and look to be lighter on their feet, prefer Kyrie's, Curry's, or Sabrina Ionescu's! These shoes offer above-average traction, added ankle support, and come in tons of colorways!

Sabrina Ionescu Basketball Shoes
Players who prefer a more sturdy shoe look at the Zion's, Jordan's, and Lebron's! They are a bit bulkier, have lots of ankle support, and allow players to be confident in their shoes.
Lebron 20 Basketball Shoes
And of course, if players want to be flashy with tons of different colors, Lamelo's, amongst plenty of others, provide that!
Lamelo Basketball Shoes
All of these shoes have their pro's and con's, but one guarantee is spending a lot of money! And, they'll probably only last a season before they start to lose their grip and become slippery!

How to get the best and the most affordable basketball shoes?

The basketball shoes losing grip is one of the biggest complaints about cheaper shoes as well as the first thing that needs replacing on more expensive shoes.

They aren't made as well and tend to become slippery much more quickly. The shoes still work perfectly fine outside of the traction. But, players want and need a new pair once they start to slip.

What if you could just fix the traction of your basketball shoes so cheaper shoes perform better and more expensive shoes last longer than one season?

You can!

Grip Spritz was invented specifically for this! Basketball shoes have become more and more expensive and it causes players to be stuck playing in less than perfect shoes, which can lead to injury.

Grip Spritz enhances the grip of your basketball shoes so you have grip, even on dusty basketball courts. 

Make your shoes last longer and perform better without constantly worrying about spending more money every season!

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