Basketball Sticky Pad Alternatives - 2024

Basketball Traction Mat Alternatives for Players & Teams

Basketball players and teams have all used a sticky pad before. They're prevalent at every level of the sport. 

These adhesive sheets remove the dust and dirt from the soles of your basketball shoes to help improve traction on the court.

Why Basketball Sticky Pads Need an Alternative

These sticky pads have been the only option for basketball players and teams for decades.

Over the years, coaches have started to find a variety of headaches regarding these.

First, they're expensive. A typical high school basketball team will pay over $300 to have enough for just games, not practices.

Secondly, they are constantly reordering replacement sticky sheets. Each player wants a fresh sheet. After your teammate steps on the top sheet, the dust from their shoes covers the top sticky sheet.

That top sheet is worthless to the next player! The coach has to tear off another sticky sheet. If players don't know what they're doing, they can accidentally peel off multiple sheets at once.

Next, the sticky pads are heavy and awkward to carry. If you don't travel with it or carry it correctly, the top sheet can collect debris and waste another expensive sticky sheet.

Finally, during games, they become a headache for coaches. Take everything already said, coaches now have to peel off sheets all game while trying to coach. They have to find somewhere to throw the dirty sheet. It's just a headache that coaches shouldn't have to deal with!

Alternatives for Basketball Player's Shoes

If you're a player, odds are you haven't had to deal with any of the stuff above. You don't have to buy a sticky pad, peel sheets, or order replacement sticky sheets.

But, if your coach doesn't want to do those things though, you're out of luck! No player is going to buy their own sticky pad.

Here is an easy alternative for players to enhance the grip on their basketball shoes!

Basketball players have switched to grip sprays! 

Grip Spritz Basketball Shoe Traction Spray

These grip sprays are perfect for players who hoop year-round. A bottle will cover their shoes for a full season of games and practices. They can take the bottle with them to all the different gyms and tournaments they play in!

It has no harmful chemicals, it doesn't make the shoes sticky, and it doesn't pick up more dust and dirt on the court!

Traction Alternative for Basketball Teams

If you are a coach who wants to get their basketball team a sticky pad but you don't want the headache, there is finally an alternative!

This traction mat has quickly become a new favorite amongst basketball teams. Over 1,200 high schools, AAU organizations, and colleges have switched. 

Grip Spritz Basketball Team Courtside Traction Mat
Basketball coaches love it because it was built to be everything that a sticky pad isn't.
It's about half the price for a team to cover the whole season of games and practices! What comes included is enough for the entire season.
There is no in-game maintenance. No peeling sheets. No need to pour more liquid. The half-ounce you pour pregame is enough for the whole game.
Coaches love that after decades of sticky pads, there is finally a fresh, inexpensive, easy-to-use alternative for their basketball team!

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