Basketball Shoes with Best Traction - 2024

Which basketball shoes have the best traction?

AAU basketball season is in full swing and that means one thing… plastic, drop-down, sport courts!

AAU Basketball Sport Courts

Every AAU tournament from Spooky Nook to AIM Sports Center and everything in between will use these. Sure they might have one or two hardwood courts for main events, but odds are you aren’t playing all your games on those.

These courts are stacked up in a back storage room until you come to town. They aren’t cleaned, and no one is sweeping three dozen courts.

So what can you do to play your hardest and be safe on dusty courts? Find the shoes with the best traction! Or, something that can give your shoes the best traction!

Basketball Shoes with Better Traction

We travel all over the country working with basketball players at tournaments, camps, and trainers. We are constantly blown up with comments on social media about what basketball shoes have better and worse traction!

Here’s the consensus!

Way of Wade’s (WoW), players love these! Even their ads show them having traction on outdoor courts. They aren’t overly expensive compared to most basketball shoes. If you care solely about having grip on dusty basketball courts, these will get the job done!

Way of Wade (Wow) Basketball Shoes

Lebron 21’s, every new Lebron shoe is always popular. The latest Lebron shoes, the 20 and 21, get rave reviews on their court grip! You can never go wrong with these. They have plenty of colorways and don’t break the bank!

Lebron Basketball Shoes

Sabrina 1’s, these are your favorite basketball players, favorite shoes! This is one of the quickest-growing shoes at every level of the game. From AAU to the NBA, players swear by the Sabrina 1’s. They’re super lightweight but offer great court traction, especially on dusty courts.

Sabrina Basketball Shoes

Now, what if you don’t want any of those basketball shoes?

Check out Grip Spritz! We designed a basketball shoe grip spray, specifically for dusty courts!

Grip Spritz Basketball Shoe Grip Spray

There are no harmful chemicals for you or your shoes, it lasts all game long, and works on any shoe sole material.

Just spray your shoes, wipe them dry, and go hoop! 

Be able to play your hardest and not slip or worry about injury on dusty basketball courts this AAU season!

Every basketball shoe can have the best traction with Grip Spritz!

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